Pay Equity provisions in Collective Agreement

Full text of the 1996-99 collective agreement

The following are provisions in the current collective agreement that relate to pay equity:


For 1996-97

For 1997-98

Attachment One to Collective Agreement


A. Librarians

Incorporate the pay equity settlement of 14 September 1995 in Librarians.

B. Faculty

For active women faculty employees as of 1 July 1996, distribute base money, pursuant to the following method:
  1. Identify women eligible for compensation as those whose pay, on 1 July 1995 was:
    1. $2,500 or more below the male line, regressing pay only on years since first full-time teaching appointment and a variable to identify Alternate Stream faculty
    2. $2,500 or more below a male line, regressing pay only on age and a variable to identify Alternate Stream faculty,
    3. $2,500 below the male line in (i) above when relevant previous experience is credited (see attachment).
  2. To identify women who might be eligible in (a)(iii) above, information on potentially relevant previous experience is to be obtained by means of telephone interviews conducted the contract by ISR, as included in the agreed-upon questionnaire, including:
    1. part-time or full-time teaching in educational institutions of various levels. Only for members of the Faculty of Education will elementary and high school teaching be considered relevant;
    2. research work;
    3. employment in business or profession;
    4. professional creative activity;
    5. other work experience relevant to the present academic position.
    Different information will be collected for: faculty with w graduate degree; faculty with an undergraduate but no graduate degree; and faculty without a university degree. The parties agree to implement YUFA proposal for crediting relevant experience (attached).
  3. In allocating the total amount of compensation to individual women, we affirm the principle that the proportion of the anomaly to be compensated will increase for larger anomalies.
  4. Measure to prevent recurrence of gender anomalies to be settled.

C: Pay Equity Plan

The Parties agree to post and sign a pay equity plan for professional librarians and faculty when the exercises are complete.