Overview of Pay Equity Process for Faculty

August 25, 1997

The gender-based pay equity process for full-time faculty members at York compares the salaries of women faculty members with that of men in the same stream (professorial or alternate).

In accordance with the provisions of the current collective agreement, three comparisons will be made using each of the following criteria:

Women whose salary falls more than $2,500 below the "male line" using any of these three criteria, will be eligible for a share of the total amount available for pay equity adjustments.

The measure of experience defined by the committee is intended to recognize the time spent in scholarly activities closely related to those of a faculty member's present position. For most faculty members, experience is measured as the number of years from the date they started their first completed graduate programme. To this is added time spent in paid work related to their field of study if the work was done during the period between graduation from their undergraduate programme and the start of their graduate programme.

The criteria for crediting work are determined by a proposal dated February 19, 1997 that was later ratified in the YUFA collective agreement.

Section 4a of this agreement stipulates that each year spent in relevant university teaching, research work, and creative activity is to be credited as one year of experience for pay equity purposes. Section 4b of the agreement states that the first five years spent in elementary/high school teaching (only in the Faculty of Education or where otherwise specifically relevant), in college/CEGEP teaching, or in business or professional employment are to be credited as one year for pay equity purposes. For years greater than five, each year is to be credited as .25 years of experience. This weight is subject to revision on the basis of analysis.

Brief overview of Pay Equity Process / Joint Committee on Pay Equity / Georges.Monette@mathstat.yorku.ca/ Aug 97