Offense detected?

Eric D Mott (
Tue, 6 Jan 98 16:37:08 PST

I'm not really sure why engineering and finance were singled out here--the
explanation makes perfect sense without focusing in. I would be correct in
assuming that my fellow news-group member wasn't implying anything about
the analytical prowess of said groups wouldn't I?

>The moral is that robust methods should be taken as just one more set of
>exploratory tools, part of a broader analysis. However, I've seen lots of
>examples where people have blindly dropped data into a robust procedure,
>and talken the result without further analysis (under the assumption
>that all they've lost is some power). This is likely to become more
>common, especially in areas of engineering and finance where there is
>motivation to have computers build quite complex models in real time
>with little or no human intervention. Heck, I'm often tempted to do
>something similar myself.

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