Re: Offense detected?

David Ross (
Tue, 6 Jan 98 22:03:16 HST

> I'm not really sure why engineering and finance were singled out here--the
> explanation makes perfect sense without focusing in. I would be correct in
> assuming that my fellow news-group member wasn't implying anything about
> the analytical prowess of said groups wouldn't I?

No, of course not; in fact, the examples of misuse I was referring to
were in neither field. I singled out these two for the remark about
automated data processing because they are both areas where the fitting
of and inference from models *in real time* is increasingly important.
It can be tempting to use robust estimators in such situations, since
human analysis is often not practical except maybe later as a
post-mortem - 'prowess' doesn't really enter into it.

- David R.