Multinomial Logistic Regression
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Date: Monday, 12 January 1998 3:49pm ET
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Subject: Multinomial Logistic Regression

After I read the following attached mail, I have tried to search fo
r more info. about the Multinomial Logistic Regression on the inter
net but it is hard to find it without a address. The site that I we
nt into is http://lib.stat/ Please advise m
e the correct site and library. Thank you ]]

Date: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 6:14pm
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Subject: Re: Multinomial Logit Estimation

> From: Kirthi Kalyanam <>
> Does anybody know of/or has written a function for multinomial logit
> estimation in splus.

(1) multinom (by Brian Ripley), available from Statlib, for the basic
multinomial regression model.
(2) Design (by Frank Harrell), also from Statlib, for ordered multinomial
regression models.
(3) plr, available from me (not yet posted to Statlib), for multinomial
regression with structured (e.g. cross-classified) outcomes.