Postscript: not WYSIWYG for long y-axis labels

Fri, 16 Jan 98 10:28:00 +0100

Hello S-Users,

if a make a graphic with long horizontal labels on the y-axis, the postscript
output does not correspond to what I see in my motif window.

I use par(oma=c(0,10,0,0)) to adjust the plot region so that my labels fit
nicely. The labels are set via axis(2,...), after a simple call to plot(). If I
print using the LaserJet method, the hardcopy looks exactly the same as on the

If I use postscript (via postscript(), trellis.device(postscript,...), or
directly with "Print" from the Motif window), the labels are cut on the left
side. I tried page="a4", width=11, etc, but the labels are still cut. The cuts
of the labels can already be seen in ghostview before printing.

Any clues or ideas? Did anybody else experience a similar problem? I use S-Plus
3.4 on a HP-UX machine.


Marcel Baumgartner
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