Re: Being unfair to dedicated people

Gregory R. Warnes (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 18:49:07 -0800 (PST)

One consequence of the list slowness is that we get repeated messages.
responding to the same question because they don't see answers that have
already been sent but have not yet been processed.

Another conseqence is the constant "Please subscribe me" "Please
unsubscribe me" messages. [ I'd like to see a footer added to every
message with the appropriate instructions for subscribing and

Finally, sometimes it is really useful to quickly get an answer to a
question. On other mail lists, I've posted a question and had an useful
answer in only a few minutes. With a huge delay in response time, you'll
have to wait alot longer, even if someone reads the message and replies as
soon as they get it.

On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Catherine Collins wrote:

> I agree with John Sorkin. My experience with the list is that it works
> very smoothly. Is it really that bad if it can take several hours for
> postings to reach the List?
> John Sorkin,410-558-8193,NIH/NIA/GRC,Baltimore,MD wrote:
> >
> > Lets wait one minute before we, the Splus list users, decide to move the
> > Splus listserver! Clearly there are a number of dedicated people at the
> > U of Toronto who have labored over the years to make the Splus list work.
> > We, the users, have no right to say that the listserver should be moved
> > without speaking to the people at U of T! They have invested time, money,
> > and effort that we should not forget. We all owe these pople who have
> > labored a debt of gratitude.
> >
> > John Sorkin

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