Proposal to move the list

Douglas Bates (
17 Jan 1998 11:21:55 -0600

There have been some messages to s-news recently about the speed with
which messages are processed. Please realize that these messages are
not indications of dissatisfaction with the services provided by Tom
Glinos and others at the University of Toronto for this list. Indeed,
they have done a great deal of work on this over the years and we
should thank them by relieving them of the problem and moving to a
site which is already set up for automatic list handling. Doug Bates
mentioned the possibility of using but lists on that
server are intended primarily for UK subscribers.

Philip Miller of has generously volunteered their
Majordomo server as a potential new home for the list. We propose to
move the list there if a volunteer will come forward to be the list

In processing a list with Majordomo most of the subscription handling
is automatic but there are occasions when a human has to sort things
out. This person is the list "owner". Such a person handles the
badly formated majordomo commands, the requests to subscribe that get
sent to the list instead of the server, mail that is bounced back
because the subscriber address is no longer valid, and other similar
fluff, but not routine and correct commands. The person also needs to
assist subscribers having problems with their subscription. Phil has
agreed to help such an owner learn how to do the task. The task is
somewhat easier if the owner normally operates from a Unix shell

For the short term Doug Bates has established a list to discuss
_moving_ the s-news list. The immediate purpose of this list is to
help find a volunteer to be the list owner and to provide support to
this person during the initial "burn-in" period. Remember, this is
*not* a new s-news list - this is a list to discuss moving the s-news

Subscription requests should be sent to
Messages to the list go to
(Later you may be able to omit the "verdi." in those names but for now it
will be safest to include it.)

Finally, the plea for a volunteer to be the list owner. We hope to
find a volunteer to do this other than the "usual suspects". We
imagine that there are many energetic young people out there who may
have done public service work when they were in college so think of
this as public service to the S community. There will be people to
advise and support you. With a bit of experience the routine list
administration does not take a lot of time.

If you are willing to consider being the list owner, please contact
the s-news-move list. You can also nominate someone else if you know
of a good candidate who may be too shy to step forward or if you think
this might interest someone who is not an S-news reader as yet.

 Douglas Bates <>
 Martin Maechler <>
 J. Philip Miller <>
 Brian D. Ripley <>
 Bill Venables <>
 Alan Zaslavsky <>