Re: Proposal to move the list

Aldo Solari [APS] (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 20:51:19 GMT

Hi all. I'm 24-hours new to this list (and to S+ as well) but have
extensive experience as a list manager.

A few words for the list manager whom I do not know:

(a). IMO, it is the the owner of the list the one who'd, in the
first place, decide whether the distribution list should move some
place else (one's always free to start an own list but not move away
other's); it'd be a nice courtesy to those who've provided the large
ammount of time and energies required to run a mailing list to ask
what they think/wish;

(b). Majordomo is free but it gives many problems and I'm pretty
sure it is already installed in some U*X server at the UToronto.
Also, Majordomo is a pain for both owners (huge ammount of bounces)
and users (case sensitive commands/addresses, etc.) and goes 'nuts'
together with Sendmail every time there is overload in the net;

(c). As for a LISTSERV alternative (academic licen$se = 1800 USD;
the most painless package for both sysops, owners AND users)
there's, I believe, the MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.CA machine in Canada with
a huge capacity to handle mailing lists.

I'm a fisheries biologist.
Cheers all,

Aldo P. Solari

] Subject: Proposal to move the list ...

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