Re: Proposal to move the list

Prof Brian Ripley (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 08:10:44 +0000 (GMT)

Aldo Solari [APS] wrote:
> Hi all. I'm 24-hours new to this list (and to S+ as well) but have
> extensive experience as a list manager.
> A few words for the list manager whom I do not know:
> (a). IMO, it is the the owner of the list the one who'd, in the
> first place, decide whether the distribution list should move some
> place else (one's always free to start an own list but not move away
> other's); it'd be a nice courtesy to those who've provided the large
> ammount of time and energies required to run a mailing list to ask
> what they think/wish;

Two comments.

(a) list manager /= list owner, IMHO

(b) Many readers may know less of the history than I do (although some
know much more). The list was not set up by UToronto, and indeed was
managed by Doug Bates when I joined it, the next move being to its present
home. I do think that gives Doug the right to initiate this discussion,
and he did have the courtesy to check that the list manager (Tom Glinos at
UToronto, as far as I am aware) was happy for the discussion to take
place. As far as the signatories understand this (from discussion on
s-news-move) we think of the `list owner' as the community who listen to
the list (and a minority also submit).

And PLEASE can we move discussion to s-news-move until a firm proposal
for change is available for wider discussion.

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