my unsolicited proposal to move the list

Douglas Bates (
18 Jan 1998 12:12:04 -0600

Just for the record, I was the person who established the S-news
list and administered it for the first several years of its
existence. It came about at a meeting of beta testers for the S
software held at one of the Joint Statistical Meetings, as I recall.
Mike Meyer and I agreed that S needed an archive and a mailing list.
He took on the task of establishing the archive, which became statlib,
and I started the mailing list, which is s-news.

Later I requested another site to take over the list. As I recall the
reason was that I was going on leave and would not be able to
administer the list from Wisconsin but my memory is a bit foggy on
this point. It could have been at the time when I was department
chair and was swamped with other duties. Rob Tibshirani and Tom
Glinos kindly agreed to have U. of Toronto host the list and we moved
it from to

I did not intend to give offense by initiating a discussion of moving
the list again. If you check my exact wording, it was "Is it worthwhile
considering moving the list?". At that time I was thinking of the
possibility of having the list go through Such a list
can only be initiated in the UK so I could not make the request
myself. I sent the message to the entire list partially to see if
anyone in the UK could help out on that. In private e-mail to me Tom
Glinos replied that it would be fine with him if the list moved from
Toronto but he did not want to have to do all the work to set up the move.

In retrospect I probably could have handled this better by
corresponding privately with Tom first. If I have offended my friends
at U. of Toronto, I apologize.

I personally think that the facilities Phil Miller has offered for the
list would be ideal. If a volunteer can come forward to be the list
manager I suggest we go ahead with the move and see how it works out.

Again, I invite discussion of these points on the list for which the subscription
address is

Douglas Bates                  
Statistics Department                    608/262-2598
University of Wisconsin - Madison