Label Centering in EPS-graph export files

Ralf Herold (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 21:55:08 +0100

Dear fellow S-Plus users,

labels (e.g., x axis numbers) in graphs (e.g., scatter plots) exported
using graph.export() to an ExportType="EPS" file are unexpectedly not
centered under the respective tickmarks, but shifted to the right. This
occurs with adj=0.5, automatic or manual axes definitions, (ghost) viewing
or printing, with or without LaTeXing, S-Plus 4.0/SP2 under Windows95.
Also, changing "par" settings of font, adj (!), las, or cex dont change
this. Similarly exported windows meta files or the splus graph windows are

Could You help, please?

Ralf Herold, MD

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