Summary of Questions about Solaris 2.6 OS and emacs

Marcello D'Orazio (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 15:01:00 -0600

I'd like to thank all of the respondents to my questions including Brian
Ripley, Jean Philippe, Patrick Burns, Colin Farrow,,
Robert Key, Michael Herron, and Steve Boswell.

Regarding my question about potential problems running under Solaris OS
2.6 as compared to Solaris OS 2.5.1:
I got conflicting advice ranging from "no problems though we've only
had 2.6 for a week" to "we have been advised to install 2.5.1." I was
encouraged that a major Splus site like Oxford has recently installed
2.6, however, so we've decided to work a bit harder at identifying the
problem and stick with version 2.6 for now. If anyone has "new
experiences" with Solaris 2.6, I'd like to hear about them.

Regarding my question about finding an emacs editor that will run under
Solaris 2.6:
My Unix administrator was quite happy to get locations of emacs
editors. The first one he tried was, under the Solaris 2.6 section
and it worked.

Thanks again. This is a great group for this kind of help.

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