Re: Being unfair to dedicated people

Z. Todd Taylor (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 14:21:47 -0800

Madeline Bauer <> wrote:

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> One more point -- 'instant turn around' may be a useful goal, but there
> would still be a time delay between any question I post in California and
> getting quite possibly the best answer from, say, southern Australia, just
> because of the distance in time zones!
> At 02:43 PM 1/16/98 -0800, Catherine Collins wrote:
> >I agree with John Sorkin. My experience with the list is that it works
> >very smoothly. Is it really that bad if it can take several hours for
> >postings to reach the List?
> >
> >John Sorkin,410-558-8193,NIH/NIA/GRC,Baltimore,MD wrote:
> >>
> >> Lets wait one minute before we, the Splus list users, decide to move the
> >> Splus listserver! Clearly there are a number of dedicated people at the
> >> U of Toronto who have labored over the years to make the Splus list work.
> >> We, the users, have no right to say that the listserver should be moved
> >> without speaking to the people at U of T! They have invested time, money,
> >> and effort that we should not forget. We all owe these pople who have
> >> labored a debt of gratitude.
> >>
> >> John Sorkin

Let me add to the confusion by stating that I have never noticed
the "several hour" delay under question. When I post a message,
it virtually always comes back via the list within a few
minutes. This may be good fortune owing to my location
(northwestern U.S.), but even if this is so, could it suggest
the delay others experience might relate to some cause other
than the list server?

(Now, the numerous bounces that always follow a post--those
are another matter...)


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