RE: suspending Splus 4.0 in Windows NT

Broman, Karl (BromanK@CMG.MFLDCLIN.EDU)
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:12:01 -0600

Regarding my problem with getting other things to work at a reasonable
rate while running a big Splus 4.0 job in Windows NT...

Lots of people wrote back to say that they've had no such problems. I
thank you all for taking the time. Eventually, we came to the
conclusion that the problem was one of memory. I've now upgraded from
64 Mb to 128 Mb of RAM, and, indeed, I can now accomplish all that I
want, all at the same time. (Well, provided I drink enough coffee.)

Regarding the issue of actually suspending the Splus job...I think it
was Brian Ripley that mentioned that this is really a task for the
operating system. Since I'm stuck in Windows, I guess I'm out of luck.


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> Subject: suspending Splus 4.0 in Windows NT
> I'm running Splus 4.0 in Windows NT.
> If I have a very long S program running, is there a way to pause it,
> so that I can take over the control of the CPU for a bit (say, to
> write an email), and then get the program running again from where it
> had been?
> [For me, Splus 4.0 has been not only a memory hog (25-30 Mb of RAM)
> but also, when it's cruching away, it really shuts down my CPU...I
> wouldn't call this "multi-tasking."]
> karl
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