Re: Left censoring problem using S+

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Fri, 23 Jan 1998 17:21:47 -0600

From: kjetil halvorsen <>
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Subject: S-Plus graphs to LaTeX picture commands
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Kjetil Halvorsen writes:

Is there any possibility to write code which ``translates''
from splus graphics to latex picture commands? Or somebody
has written something like that?

I did some of that for xlispstat, but cannot see how to do it for

Kjetil Halvorsen.
Here is a somewhat old, but useful suggestion:
You need a sty file called psfig.sty. I will
send that directly to Kjetil. If anyone else wants
that file, please let me know!

Now you can create a sample.

Here is a sample Latex File:

\oddsidemargin -0.07in
\evensidemargin -0.04in
\topmargin -0.13in
\textheight = 8.4in
\textwidth = 6.5in

\baselineskip = 22pt

\centerline{The test of postscript}


To create the file in S-Plus:
> postscript("")
> plot(corn.rain,corn.yield,type="l")
> q()

Then try it out!

Good Luck!

Erin Hodgess
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