S-PLUS 4.0 rel 3: Compiled code warning.

Prof Brian Ripley (ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk)
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 17:25:56 +0000 (GMT)

Release 3 of S-PLUS 4.0 was released this week. It makes changes
incompatible with some existing compiled code.

(a) The headers will no longer work with compilers prior to 10.5.
Look in S_ansi.h and remove the __declspec statements in the __WATCOMC__
section if you have an earlier compiler.

(b) There are fewer library functions compiled in. You may need
to add

#include <S.h>
#ifdef WIN32
# include <newredef.h>

to avoid unsatisfied symbols. I've recompiled tssa to make this work.

(c) Most worryingly, code can appear to work but give the wrong answer.
This is true of my port of locfit. The solution appears to be to recompile,
using the -sg flag that has been added to compile.bat. As far as I can
check the version compiled with this flag does work correctly on
earlier releases.

As paths are stored in the registry, it is very difficult to have multiple
releases on a single machine (unlike Unix) so I intend to check my ports
on rel 3 only from now on.

I have put up today new versions of all the libraries that I know to be
affected: this set does not contain the V&R libraries.

I won't say I was best pleased to have to track this down: I saw nothing
in the release notes about the need to recompile code, hence this warning.

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