Re: S-plus graphs to LaTeX picture commands

Simon Jackman (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 16:30:43 -0800 (PST)

while on this thread, people should keep in mind psfrag.sty, which is a
great way of getting Greek characters, subscripts, and actualy just about
anything into PostScript figures.

example below...

-- simon jackman


\psfrag{t}[][]{$t$ (Turnout, \%)}
\psfrag{w}[][]{$\omega_t$ (non-response deflation factor) =
$t^{(\sim r)}/t^{(r)}$}
\psfrag{j96}[l][l]{\mbox{\small Japan 96}}
\psfrag{u96}[l][l]{\mbox{\small USA 96}}
\psfrag{cz96}[l][l]{\mbox{\small Switz. 96}}
\caption[]{\textsl{\textbf{Relationship between Turnout among Survey
Nonrespondents and Overall Turnout, 1996 AES.} The solid
line is a graphical representation of
equation~(\ref{eq:turnout}), conditional on imputing $\eta_t =
.744$, and hence $t^{(r)}$ = .687. The shaded area is a 90\%
confidence interval, capturing sampling variability in the
response rate and turnout. The solid horizontal lines
provide some international comparisons, with countries with
relatively low turnout.}}

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