Andre Couturier (couturie@ICM.UMontreal.CA)
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 11:58:30 -0500


I use Splus 4.0 (at home and work). I transfered a progam
that creates 3 graphs on one sheet, from home to my work place. The
graphs are overlayed with transparent backgrounds. This works fine at
home. For some reason, even though I never touched the graph settings at
home or at work, I get non transparent red backgrounds at work and
can't see all graphs at once. I get 3 composite objects for which I have
to modify the fill color setting to Transparent by double clicking on
each one of them. Not very practical when you have to produce 50 of

Where is the default background set?
can it be set in the par function?
Where else?

Is there a global graph setting file? (I tried deleting graph related
stb file without success)
can it be modified? How?

I tried modifying the 3 fill color settings and use the "Save Graph
Sheets Properties as Default" to no avail.

Many thanks to those how can help me

Andre Couturier
McGill University