Re: Problem with the S-Plus 4 Release 3 Service Pack

Chuck Taylor (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 09:49:50 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Michel Guillet wrote:

> I have downloaded the service pack 3 and installed it.
> I entered S-Plus and everything was fine.
> The first time I left S-Plus, the following message appeared :
> Error: Unable to create summary in summary file
> Then, the when I re-entered S-Plus, the following message appeared :
> Error: Cannot read summary from summary filename
> F:\SPlus4\users\Michel\_data/__sum4.txt

This is a problem we discovered late in the release cycle, and it is
documented in the Release Notes under "Miscellaneous". It means that the
summary files "__sum4.txt" and "__sum4i.txt" are out of synch. (The latter
was added in Release 3 to improve performance during startup.) The most
frequent cause of this problem is installing Release 3 more than once with
the same working database (_data) directory.

The solution is to do the following:

1. Exit S-PLUS.
2. Delete the files called "__sum4i.txt", "__sum4.txt", and "__sum4.tx_"
from your working database (_data) directory.
3. Restart S-PLUS. (This will re-create the files properly.)

The problem should not recur unless you again re-install in the same

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