Dataframes as arguments to functions?

F.Tusell (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 12:32:18 +0100

I would like to code a program in such a way dat a dataframe is worked
upon by a number of different functions. Something like,

M <- as.dataframe(xxxx)

where function1() in turn calls function2(M) and so on, up to a three
or four level deeps nesting. Now, in the invocation of function1(M),
the dataframe M is found correctly, but further nested calls (to
function2(M), etc.) do not seem to propagate the argument.

I have read the S-Plus manual, and I understand that this is not a
bug, but a design decision --as it should be. My question is: how can
I do what I want (basically, pass dataframes as in a FORTRAN
call-by-reference subroutine)? Is there any other way to go around?

Any help appreciated.


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