RE: graphs

Gebhart, Kristi (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 09:34:37 -0700

I had this problem too. For some odd reason, twice since I installed
ver 4, I suddenly started getting red backgrounds as the default on all
my graphs. I called tech support and they said something about a known
bug... If I remember right, the fix was to delete all the files in the
prefs subdirectory. This resets all the preferences to the default, so
you may or may not want to do it. Re-installing S-PLUS also works, but
gets tedious after several times! PLEASE, since my memory is a bit
foggy, either backup the files you're deleting or check with tech
support first.

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> For some reason, even though I never touched the graph settings at
> home or at work, I get non transparent red backgrounds at work and
> can't see all graphs at once.