Minutes and Hours

Catherine Collins (ccollins@igs.net)
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 10:33:22 -0800

Hello S-Plussers,

I have a collection of measurements taken every two minutes. (For the
curious, the data come from temperature loggers that record every two
minutes and the idea is to look at what happens to the contents of boxes
that are shipped under extreme conditions.)

Anyway ... cts does what I want, only for days, weeks and months. I would
like a chronological time series that goes down to minutes and hours. Is
there a way of doing this? I know I can use rts with a frequency of 30,
but I would like the hours and the minutes to show up clearly on the
graphical output.

On a related topic, can S-Plus unpack expressions like "5:30:05 AM"? Has
anybody written anything to do this?


Catherine Collins.