[S-News] Re: S-PLUS on multi-processor machines

Jens Oehlschlaegel (oehl@Psyres-Stuttgart.DE)
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 12:50:17 +0100 (MET)

I am wondering why the discussion on the multi-processor issue is mainly
focusing on how to run several S+ processes in parallel.

Isn't S+ a vector oriented language? Isn't a vector operation just the
ideal condition for parallelization?

S+ has memory and performance problems in those tasks, which *cannot* be
written in vector operations, i.e. where processing of one vector element
dependes on processing of the previous vector elements: clearly a
situation where parallel processing is not feasible.

So every S+ programmer tries to formulate their tasks in vector
operations, where elements can be processed independently of other
elements, and thus parallel processing is feasible: ideal conditions for
parallel processing.

It would be a pitty, if S+ on a multi-processor machine would not make use
of these ideal conditions, and all our efforts in writing vector code.

Am I wrong?

Best regards

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