RE: [S] Error message, S+4 rel3
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:47:00 -0600

I'd like to relay the experience we've had at Koch Industries related to
Splus's Version 4.0 Release 3. It may help with others who have Badih's
question. I'm still discussing this issue with Mathsoft to try to get a
better understanding of the issues.

I believe that Chuck Taylor, Mathsoft, already answered this question a
week or two ago for those running vanilla Splus. His comments regarded
the __sum4.txt and __sum4i.txt files in the local _Data directory.

What we've learned is that old Version 3.3 libraries, which do not
contain the __sum4.txt or __sum4i.txt files but only the __sum.txt file,
could no longer be accessed by Version 4.0 users who applied the Release
3 update. Our fix was to invoke Splus from those directory locations so
that Splus would create the __sum4.txt and __sum4i.txt files. At this
point, both our V3.3 and V4.0 users were able to access the libraries.

Here's our setup. We have a Koch-developed library called trading on a
shared network drive, which I'll call t:, that everyone accesses via the
following .First function.
".First"<- function() {
assign("lib.loc", "t:\\spluswin\\library", where = 0)

Most of our folks already had this .First file in a local _data
directory on their PC. When they applied the Release 3 update, they got
the error message
Error: Cannot read summary data from summary filename
This error didn't go away until I created the
t:\spluswin\library\_Data\__sum4.txt and __sum4i.txt files on our shared
network drive. I should mention that our libraries don't have any
compiled C or Fortran code so we don't face those difficult issues. I
know that Brian Ripley has done a nice job of making several statlib
libraries accessible by both V3.3 and V4.0 users in such instances,
though I don't understand much about how he accomplished this nice feat
for us. But thanks much, Brian.

Let me add that I was reluctant to use one Mathsoft proposed solution,
data.dump and data.restore of the relevant library, because I didn't
believe this would allow us easy access to all of our help files that
tended to be created over time, as were the objects in the library. I
suppose, in time, we could get these all re-sequenced; but that sounded
like a lot of work. I think when Mathsoft proposed this solution to me
they didn't really understand the finer points of my questions --
probably a poor explanation to them on my part.

I'd be interested in hearing other experiences with this issue, and in
hearing a better explanation for what we observed. For now, our problem
has gone away; but it certainly irritated our users. And I'd love to
hear a more informed explanation of what we observed.

Allen Humbolt
Quantitative Analyst
Koch Industries, Inc. e-mail
(316) 828-7911 phone
(316) 828-8674 fax

From: Badih Ghattas
Subject: [S] Error message, S+4 rel3
Date: Saturday, February 07, 1998 4:00PM


what are due to the following error messages :

Unable to remove summary from summary file
Unable to create summary in summary file ??

I get them permanently since i updated to release 3 of S+ 4 .
I've tried to remove the _sum files , but the errors still occur when i
rm() or objects().


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