[S] SUMMARY: Problem with S-PLUS, release 3

Bob Dorazio (Bob_Dorazio@usgs.gov)
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 16:29:33 -0700

Previously, I requested help as follows:

"After installing the Release 3 Service Pack of S-PLUS 4, the following
error message appeared when I attempt to add Mathsoft's S+ SpatialStats
module (ver. 1.1) to the S+ search path:

> module(spatial)
Error in attach.default(name, pos = pos): Cannot read summary from summary
filename C:\Program Files\splus4\splus\_Functio/__sum4.txt

Curiously, by immediately re-issuing the command "module(spatial)", the
above error message is not repeated and the spatial library is added to
the S+ search path. (So, at least I am able to use the functions in the
SpatialStats module.) The problem is that the above error message
reappears in every S+ session. Does anyone have a solution?

In a previous listing to S-News, Chuck Taylor of Mathsoft Technical
Support suggested in response to a similar error message that a possible
fix was to delete the files "__sum4i.txt", "__sum4.txt", and "__sum4.tx_"
from the working data base directory (_Data) and then restart S+ to
re-create the files properly. Unfortunately, this fix has not corrected
the problem I described above."

Many thanks to Chuck Taylor of Mathsoft for a rapid, and effective,
solution, which is as follows:

1. Quit the S+ session.
2. Delete the summary files, "__sum41.txt", "__sum4.txt", and
"__sum4.tx_", from each of the following directories:

\splus4\user\Dorazio\_data (that is, my working directory)

3. Restart a new S+ session to recreate the files named in #2.

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