[S] graphics device functions for S-PLUS

Andreas Krause (Andreas.Krause@genedata.com)
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 17:06:25 +0100

We're interested in writing our own graphics device function for Splus.
Rick Becker's paper
(http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/ms/departments/sia/doc/88.2.ps) describes an
skeleton.c, a graphics device function that can also be found in
$SHOME/include in the S-PLUS home directory. Because dynamic loading is not
implemented on SGI, we tried to use static loading as described in the

skeleton.c defines a function "simple." When we try to treat it as our
current graphics device the following error message appears:

Error in .C("simple",: Problem looking up simple in symbol table of program
Error was while calling subroutine "simple"

The output of nm shows that simple is present:

$ nm local.Sqpe | grep simple
[658] | 4359792| 736|FUNC |GLOB |DEFAULT |MIPS_TEXT|simple
[687] | 4383692| 428|FUNC |GLOB |DEFAULT |MIPS_TEXT|simpleconic

In short, we're stuck. Has anyone successfully managed to use this graphics
device function ?

andreas krause

Dr. Andreas Krause, GeneData AG, Postfach 254, CH-4016 Basel
mailto:Andreas.Krause@genedata.com   http://www.genedata.com

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