Re: [S] graphics device functions for S-PLUS

Prof Brian Ripley (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 16:38:02 GMT

Andreas Krause <> wrote:

> We're interested in writing our own graphics device function for Splus.
> Rick Becker's paper
> ( describes an
> example
> skeleton.c, a graphics device function that can also be found in
> $SHOME/include in the S-PLUS home directory. Because dynamic loading is not
> implemented on SGI, we tried to use static loading as described in the
> paper.

Why not use dyn.load.shared()?

On Solaris the problem is to compile skeleton.c: cc produces no .o
file. If I use

gcc -c -I$SHOME/include -fPIC skeleton.c -O
ld -o -G skeleton.o

and then in S dyn.load.shared("./") it works for me.

I suspect that your compiler is being too clever: try gcc if
you have it.

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