[S] abline printing out-of-bounds

John P McKinlay (john.mckinlay1@jcu.edu.au)
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 10:08:47 +1000

I'm sure I've seen this discussed before, but can't anything useful in the
archived mail (searching on clip, clipping, bounds, abline, region)

Using NT with V3.3, I'm making calls to abline with lm objects to place
fitted lines on scatter plots. Everything looks fine on the S+ graphics
device, but copy the graphs to metafile and there are problems with
clipping the lines at the top and bottom of the plot border. Specifically,
lines which cut the top or bottom border will continue outside the plotting
area until they intersect with the (projected) left or right plot boundaries.

I image that with some mucking about segments will do the job, but is there
a better fix?


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