[S] Informative subject headers/searching s-news archive

John P McKinlay (john.mckinlay1@jcu.edu.au)
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 10:27:07 +1000

Hi all

A note about searching the s-news archive:

There are probably many search stategies (and mine probably tends to be too
inclusive). Short of opening every message your search retrieves, all
stategies rely on informative subject headers.

I'm throwing two requests into the arena for comment:

1. Please use informative subject headers when sending mail to s-news. Err
on the side of saying too much rather than too little (e.g. I don't
consider a subject header of "trellis query" to be very useful).

2. Put unrelated questions in separate emails. I don't think this will
"explode" the number of posts to s-news, but it will make it easier to
follow threads, and to retrieve threads from the archive.

Do these sound useful ideas?

John McKinlay

CRC Reef Research Centre
James Cook University of North Queensland
Townsville 4811
Phone: +61 07 47716146 or +61 07 47815253
Fax: +61 07 47814099
Email: john.mckinlay1@jcu.edu.au
WWW: http://www.gbrmpa.gov.au/~crcreef/
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