[S] Retrieving objects from backup

Gebhart, Kristi (Gebhart@CIRA.colostate.edu)
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:05:44 -0700

I often copy my project directories to a zip drive. It's easy to copy
back an entire directory, but I've been wondering...if I wanted to
retrieve just a single S-PLUS object from my backup, how would I do
that? It's easy if it's one with a regular DOS filename, but what if it
has a name like _20? Can I just copy _20 back to my hard drive? I'm
assuming not because I may have added and deleted objects since the time
I copied the directory and _20 may be something else now(??). I'm using
S-PLUS ver 4 for WIN95 with the latest service pack installed.

Thanks, KG
Kristi A. Gebhart
Research Physical Scientist
National Park Service, Air Resources Division
CIRA, Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
(970) 491-3684 (voice)
(970) 491-8598 (fax)

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