[S] dummy.coef

Ian Purvis (ipurvis@chiswick.anprod.CSIRO.AU)
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 08:08:58 +1100

Dear Users,

I am analysing a reasonably large set of wool auction data to extract the
economic value of different biological attributes of the wool sale lots. I
have a model that includes factors and continuous variables. After some
preliminary testing the best model looks like

y = mu + Fi + Bj + ..m +m^2 + C:d...eij..

It is the coefficients of the d within C's that I am most interested in.
However, when I call dummy.coef after successfully running aov, I get the
following message
"Error in "%*%.default"(dm[[ii]], cfs): Number of columns of x should be
the same as number of rows of y

The problem seems to be singularities created by fitting the linear m and
the m^2. I have tried adding "singular.ok=TRUE to the aov line, but to no

Any thoughts.

Any suggestions
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