[S] strip.default(): again!

Wed, 18 Feb 98 10:37:00 +0100


Some days ago I posted a query about the use of par.strip.text in
trellis function strip.default().

Original posting:
I have a problem with strips in Trellis graphics (Splus 3.4, HP-UX).
I would like to change the font size, and use therefore

.... , strip = function(...) strip.default(...,par.strip.text=
list(cex=0.8,col=1,font=1),style=1), ...

but I get the message that the argument par.strip.text= is not


1: > args(strip.default)
function(which.given, which.panel, var.name,
factor.levels, shingle.intervals,
par.strip.text = trellis.par.get("add.text"),
strip.names = c(F, T),
style = 3)

2: > trellis.par.get("add.text")
[1] 1

[1] 1

[1] 1

What am i missing?

Up to now I did not receive a workaround. And it seems that other
users are also interested in a solution.

Patrick Conolly suggested to change "add.text" via trellis.par.set(),
but this does not work either. I suspect a bug in the way the
argument par.strip.text is passed to the basic trellis function.

par.strip.text is useful if you have a lot of small panels on one page,
to make the strip text as small as possible.


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