Re: [S] strip.default(): again!

Prof Brian Ripley (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 10:57:41 +0000 (GMT)

> Hello,
> Some days ago I posted a query about the use of par.strip.text in
> trellis function strip.default().
> Original posting:
> ********************************************************************
> I have a problem with strips in Trellis graphics (Splus 3.4, HP-UX).
> I would like to change the font size, and use therefore
> .... , strip = function(...) strip.default(...,par.strip.text=
> list(cex=0.8,col=1,font=1),style=1), ...
> but I get the message that the argument par.strip.text= is not
> matched.
[ ... ]

> What am i missing?
> ********************************************************************
> Up to now I did not receive a workaround. And it seems that other
> users are also interested in a solution.

I think you are missing the documentation!

There is a working example on page 100 of Venables & Ripley (1997). As a
last resort you could have read your manual: see page 114 of the Trellis
Graphics User's Manual. You have to set par.strip.text as an argument to
the (unspecified) Trellis function, not to strip.default.

The message about the argument not being matched is correct: the
argument has been given twice, once in the ... and once explicitly,
and only one of these (the first I believe) can be matched. Maybe
that is a general point that is worth being aware of.

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