[S] Summary: .Data file format

Armin Roehrl (Armin.Roehrl@epfl.ch)
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 11:55:55 +0100

Dear Splus fans,

Many thanks to the people that replied, namely Duncan Murdoch
and Prof. B. Ripley.
As far as I gathered, the .Data file format is undocumented,
but Duncan Murdoch reverse engineered it and the has some
Turbo Pascal source coude to read and write files.
If you want to contact him, his email addr. is
Prof. Ripley also added that the format is platform-independent
and it is just the internal representation that is platform-dependent.
(I couldn't check this - as I run Splus only on SGIs)
The format in Splus is also the same than in S.

If anybody has any comments or has any other code
to read or write .Data files, please let me now.

Have a good day, all together,
original question
> Dear Splus users,
> this is probably a very easy question, but I don't know
> where to find useful information.
> What is the exact file format of the variables
> saved in the .Data directory?
> (on different platforms?)
> (Note: I don't want to save variables in any
> other method for exporting, etc. I simply
> want want a specification of the file format
> if possible).

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