[S] ANN Modelling Workshop 1998

Sovan LEK (lek@cict.fr)
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 13:45:47 +0100


14-17 December 1998, Toulouse (FRANCE)

Local Organizing Committee:
Dr. Sovan Lek, CESAC, UMR 5576 du CNRS, UPS, Bât IVR3, 118 route de
Narbonne, F-31062 Toulouse cedex 4, France
Phone: 33-5 61 55 86 87 Fax: 33-5 61 55 60 96
E-mail: lek@cict.fr

Dr. Jean-François Guégan, ORSTOM, Département Biologie, Ecologie &
Evolution, Laboratoire d'Hydrobiologie marine et Continentale, Université de
Montpellier II (USTL), C.C. 093, place E. Bataillon, 34095 Montpellier cedex
05, France.
Phone: 33 4 67 14 37 51 Fax : 33 4 67 14 46 46
E-mail : guegan@crit.univ-montp2.fr

You are cordially invited to attend the first "International Workshop on the
Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Ecological Modelling" to be
held at the Centre d'Ecologie des Systèmes Aquatiques Continentaux in
Toulouse (France). Toulouse is France's fourth largest city (650,350 people
with suburbs), and is the European Space capital. It is situated on the
Garonne river in very lush surroundings. The Toulouse of today is a lively
university town (with more than 100,000 students) and has a rich medieval

Predictive modelling is a major concern in theoretical ecology, evolution
and environmental sciences. Relationships between variables in natural
systems are frequently non-linear, and thus conventional modelling tools
could appear to be inappropriate to capture the complexity of such systems.
This International Workshop will bring together theoretical and applied
biological research, practitioners, and developers, as well as domain
scientists from multiple ecological disciplines, for the presentation and
exchange of current research and on concepts, tools and techniques for
scientific and non linear statistical application in ecology, evolution and
environmental sciences.
The objectives are:
Ø To promote collaboration among scientists of different interested
countries and research fields encouraging both teaching and research
Ø To consider recent advances in Artificial Neural Networks to modelling
data (identification, control, prediction, classification problems,...).

Dr. S.E. Jorgensen (DK): Ecological Modelling: State of the Art.
Pr. R. Tomassone (Fr): Dynamic systems and experimental planning: from data
to modelling
Dr. P. Bourret (Fr): Non -supervised classification: from observations to
Dr. A. Teriokhin (Russia): On Neural Networks capable to realize
evolutionarily optimal animal strategies of growth and reproduction in a
seasonal environment.
Pr. P. Auger (Fr): Non-linear Modelling in Ecology: from Individuals to
Dr. F. Recknagel (Australia): Elucidation and Prediction of Aquatic
Ecosystems by Artificial Neural Networks

THEMES (you need to report your choice in the reply form, section
Publication, which sub-theme?):
o Pattern Recognition
o Pattern Classification
o Clustering and Classification
o Diagnosis and Monitoring
o Prediction and Control
o Signal Processing
o Temporal and Spatial Sequences

Final Instructions for Submission of Abstracts:
o Abstract deadline: Abstracts must be submitted in English style, and
received by the organisers before 1 April 1998. All abstracts will be
refereed before final acceptance.
o Please give complete name of your institution, followed by town and country.
o The text of your abstract must be informative and contain:
1) a statement of the study's specific aims; 2) a statement of the method
used; 3) a summary of results obtained; 4) a statement of conclusion. Avoid
non-informative sentences.
o Format: Abstracts must not exceed one page (format A4) and be sent
directly by electronic mail to Drs. Lek or Guégan. If your abstract is too
long it will be shortened by the organisers.

The publication of the oral contributions is being considered. Please
indicate if you are interested in submitting your paper for consideration in
a special volume.
Original papers will be published on merit in a special volume of the
Springer Verlag Environmental Science Series. Other papers will form a
special issue of Ecological Modelling. Both Editing Houses have been
contacted and have accepted to co-edit these two special volumes. All
contributions will be reviewed by at least two referees before acceptance
for publication.

All contributions must be submitted by September 30th of 1998 to the
Organizing Committee. Research papers should be up to 8,000 words long. All
papers for publication should be sent by electronic mail (Ms-Word) or by
post (4 hard-copies are needed) to Dr. Sovan Lek. All papers will be
acknowledged of receipt. A notification of acceptance, modification or
refusal will be sent by November 15th of 1998 to delegates having submitted
a contribution with details given on which publication (hard volume of
Springer Verlag or special issue of Ecological Modelling) the paper will be

Languages: French and English will be the two official languages during the
Conference, but abstracts, posters, and published papers will be exclusively
written in English style.

Venue: The Conference venue will be the Conference Centre of Toulouse
University. This venue is ideal for a medium conference (about 150 people),
with excellent, modern facilities which will allow for productive exchanges
of ideas.

Dates: Monday 14 December 1998 to Thursday 17 December 1998.

Travel: Destination is Toulouse. Delegates must make their own travel
arrangements to at least this destination.
>From Paris, by air-regular flights to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport several times
a day; shuttles for the city centre each 30 minutes.
by train-regular connections to Toulouse Railway Station by TGV (High
Speed Train) several times a day. Bus facilities for University.

Individual delegates will arrange their own transport to their hotel.
Details of bus times will be given in the last announcement.

Rent-a-car services: Several companies offer car rentals at both Paris and
Toulouse-Blagnac airports. It takes about 6 hours to drive from Paris to
Toulouse (705 km). Please make arrangements through your travel agent.

Visa: Please check with your local travel agent to see if a Visa is
necessary. Delegates are responsible for their own Visa arrangements.

Climate and Clothing: The meeting season is winter. The climate can be
variable (from 4° to 15°C) in the area (oceanic temperate climate). Bring a
raincoat, an umbrella, one or two sweaters or pull-overs.

Third and Final Announcement: Those who have responded to the Second
Announcement will receive the Third Announcement due out in September 1998.


Early registration (by 31 August 1998):
Ordinary delegates: 1,500 FF (US$ 250)
Students: 1,000 FF (US$ 170)
Accompanying people: 500 FF (US$ 85)

Full registration (transfered order after 31 August 1998):
Ordinary delegates: 1,800 FF (US$ 300)
Students: 1,300 FF (US$ 210)
Accompanying people: 800 FF (US$ 130)

Please note: Fees must be sent by international transfer order to:
ANN Model Toulouse, LEK S.
Caisse d'Epargne de Midi-Pyrénées
5 av. Pierre Coupeau
31130 Balma - France
Bank Account: 13135 00080 04084374754 24

Prospective delegates with financial queries should address these to Drs.
Sovan Lek or Jean-François Guégan when submitting abstracts and/or
registration intent.

Your registration fee includes the following
access to full abstract proceedings; conference kits; morning and afternoon
tea or coffee, Monday to Wednesday; lunches, Monday to Thursday; Conference
party (Wednesday night, December 16th); Conference excursion (Thursday,
December 17th).
The fee for accompanying people includes lunches, coffee breaks, closing
banquet and excursion.


Wilson Trianon**(15 rooms) FF. 240 7, rue Lafaille - 31000 Toulouse 33 5 61
62 74 74 33 5 61 99 15 44
Wilson Square**(15 rooms) FF. 240 12, rue d'Austerlitz - 31000 Toulouse 33 5
61 21 67 57 33 5 61 21 16 23
Hôtel de France**(25 rooms) FF. 265 5, rue d'Austerlitz - 31000 Toulouse 33
5 61 21 88 24 33 5 61 21 99 77
Des Arts* (14 rooms) FF. 170 1bis, rue Cantegril - 31000 Toulouse 33 5 61 62
77 59 33 5 61 12 22 37
Splendid* (14 rooms) FF. 120 13 rue Caffarelli - 31000 Toulouse 33 5 61 62
43 02 33 5 61 40 52 76
IAS Center(30 rooms) FF. 165 23, avenue E. Belin - 31028 Toulouse Cedex 4 33
5 62 17 33 09 33 5 61 55 33 85

§ Reduced fares for participants to the meeting. Please mention your
participation to the workshop when booking.

All prices are given in French Francs, and are for Bed & Breakfast per
night. Please book directly through the addresses indicated.


Conference Excursion on Thursday, December 17 1998 (costs included in
registration fee):

o Travel to Carcassonne, a famous Medieval City in South of France.
Departure at 9:30 a.m.
o Lunch
o Visit of the Medieval City
o Visit of a wine cellar at the end of the afternoon
o Dinner and return to Toulouse in the night

Sovan LEK E-mail: lek@cict.fr
Doc. Habil. Fish & Non-linear Modelling
CNRS - UMR 5576 Tel. : (33) 5 61 55 86 87
CESAC - Bat. 4R3 Fax : (33) 5 61 55 60 96
Uuniv. Paul Sabatier
118 route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse cedex

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