[S] Summary of Unix C and Fortran Compiler Questions

Fri, 20 Feb 1998 15:47:00 -0600

I thank Brian Ripley, Phil Spector, and Charles Berry for their helpful
comments. My question regarded the purpose of a file called
/usr/ucb/cc and how I could avoid problems with references to it by
user-contributed shell-scripts. We're using the GNU C/C++ compiler and
don't have Sun's C compiler.

One of my local experts told me that all three were telling me the same
thing. I'll use as my summary the following statements by my Unix
administrator, Brad Sibley.

Start Brad's quote:
Ripley's idea of creating a system link to point "cc" to "gcc" is a good
one. This should keep you from having to modify make files and
explicitly add the cc=gcc directive.

I have created a new link, /usr/local/bin/cc which points to
/usr/local/bin/gcc. I have also moved /usr/local/bin ahead of /usr/ucb
in the system PATH, giving it higher precedence. Unless there are
specific hardcoded references to /usr/ucb/cc in your makefiles, this
should point any reference of "cc" to the GNU compiler,
/usr/local/bin/gcc. If you are currently logged-in, you will need to
logout/login to incorporate this change, or simply enter the command ".
/etc/profile" (that's a dot).
End Brad's quote

My problems disappeared. Brad and I both thank the newsgroup for the
help that allowed us to solve the problem.

Allen Humbolt
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