[S] robeth library installation Summary

Fri, 20 Feb 1998 16:17:00 -0600

In my recent question about compiled programs I mentioned problems I had
in installing the robeth library. Professor Ripley was kind enough to
go beyond my initial question and provide simple instructions for
loading robeth that worked quite nicely for me. I thought these might
be worth sharing with the group.


get the current version (12/97) from his website (its address is
in http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/pub/SWin/README).

unpack robeth.tar.gz into directory ROBETH

f77 -O *.f
rm glmdev.o (That's a mistake: it's in glauxi.f)
ld -r -o ../ROBETH_l.o *.o
cd ..
mkdir .Data
cat > Firstlib.q
.First.lib <- function(...)dyn.load.lib(...)
cat Firstlib.q INTRFSRC/*.s | Splus

Use library(ROBETH, lib.loc="wherever") in Splus.


I had to make just a couple of changes.
1. I believe Professor Ripley meant to refer to the S section of his
web site at Oxford instead of the SWin section. Or he may have meant to
reference Marazzi's website. Either way, robeth.tar.Z from the Oxford
web site seemed to install nicely using the above statements.
2. My compiled object was called robeth_l.o instead of ROBETH_l.o.
Possibly that's because I called my directory robeth instead of ROBETH.
I'll also make the comment that the f77 -O *.f statement will give you
two error messages that are referring to the duplication in glmdev.o
pointed out by Professor Ripley in his comment.

Anyway, the above steps sure worked nicely for me and saved a lot of

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