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Marc R. Feldesman (feldesmanm@pdx.edu)
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:18:47 -0800

In private responses to me, several long-time SPlus (and S) users have
suggested that I need copies of two books:

Becker, Chambers, and Wilk's The New S Language (1988)


Chambers and Hastie's Statistical Models in S (1992?).

I have looked high and low for both these books and neither is available
from any source. Mathsoft has neither (though they claim to have both on
their Web Site), Amazon.Com lists both books as out-of-print (and
unorderable), Barnes and Noble doesn't even list them at all, and Powell's
Technical Books, the largest non-University technical bookstore in the US
has no new or used copies and no sources for either.

Anybody have spare copies they'd like to sell?

FWIW, the Becker et al book is rumored to be returning to print sometime
this summer, but I cannot get any confirmation from anyone (unless one of
the authors might like to chime in here and confirm or deny).


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