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Fri, 27 Feb 98 09:32 EST

Those two books are *not* out of print, but they're now published
by Chapman and Hall. The current ISBN's are

Statistical Models in S
Ed. by John M. Chambers and Trevor Hastie
Chapman and Hall, 1993.
ISBN 0-412-05291-1 (hard bound)
0-412-05301-2 (paper bound)

The New S Language
Richard A. Becker, John M. Chambers, and Allan R. Wilks
Reprinted by Chapman and Hall, 1996.
ISBN 0-412-74150-4 (paper bound)

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> In private responses to me, several long-time SPlus (and S) users have
> suggested that I need copies of two books:
> Becker, Chambers, and Wilk's The New S Language (1988)
> and
> Chambers and Hastie's Statistical Models in S (1992?).
> I have looked high and low for both these books and neither is available
> from any source. Mathsoft has neither (though they claim to have both on
> their Web Site), Amazon.Com lists both books as out-of-print (and
> unorderable), Barnes and Noble doesn't even list them at all, and Powell's
> Technical Books, the largest non-University technical bookstore in the US
> has no new or used copies and no sources for either.
> Anybody have spare copies they'd like to sell?
> FWIW, the Becker et al book is rumored to be returning to print sometime
> this summer, but I cannot get any confirmation from anyone (unless one of
> the authors might like to chime in here and confirm or deny).
> Thanks.
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