[S] merge

Steve Bousquin (sbous@lamar.colostate.edu)
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 18:37:05 -0700

I am unable to get merge to work in Splus 4 Windows, either in the
command window using commands from the Splus 3 manuals, or using the
Data>Merge interface in Splus 4. Both data frames have the same column
names but the file resulting from the merge contains no data, only the
variable names. When done from the command line, the resulting file
says 0 rows, although there are no error messages:

[1] Significance.estimate Significance.p.value Lower.limit
[4] Upper.limit Variance
< 0 rows>

I have tried shortening the names and this doesn't help.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I missing something? Both
datasets (each has one row) show in the object browser as data frames
and look fine when I open them. Both have identical column names.

Steve Bousquin

Colorado State University
Department of Rangeland Ecosystem Science/GDPE
Fort Collins, CO 80523


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