SPLUS Training in Canada

David Remer (dremer@statsci.com)
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 17:53:19 -0800 (PST)


MathSoft will be offering an SPLUS Training Course in Toronto, ON the week of April 20-23. This class is for beginning/intermediate level SPLUS users that want to learn how to maximize their proficiency working with version 4.0. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in attending as this is our only Canadian class of 1998. A course syllabus and pricing follow this message.

Cost $1550 US
government/academic discounts available

Course Description

Data Analysis in S-PLUS:
This four-day course covers the basics of S-PLUS with an emphasis on using S-PLUS to analyze data. During this course you will learn how to:

- Take advantage of powerful data analysis, visualization, and modeling techniques in S-PLUS
- Get more insight into your data and make rapid discoveries using graphics
- Automate repetitive data analysis tasks
- Deploy custom data analysis solutions throughout your organization using S-PLUS.
- Use Object-Oriented Programming to write customized programs

This course will provide participants with a strong foundation for becoming a successful S-PLUS user.

*Course Outline

Day One:

Essentials of S-PLUS
What is S-PLUS and the Product Family

Basic Steps in Data Analysis
The Example Object Browser
Importing Data
Editing Data
Creating a 2D graph
Linear Regression/Conditioning with a third variable
Changing features of a graph
Creating a 3D graph

Using Trellis Graphics
Applying Statistical Models
Basic Survival Analysis
Creating a formula using the Formula Builder
Using a Cox Proportional Hazard model
Exporting and embedding graphics

Day Two:

The Object Browser

Automating repetitive tasks
Review of the History button
Creating a customized toolbar button
Creating a script to automate tasks

Customizing the GUI
Creating a menu option
Creating a basic dialog
Creating more advanced dialogs

The Commands Window
Listing S-PLUS objects
Creating plots from the command window

Question and Answer Session

Day Three:

The S-PLUS Language
The S language
Example Session

Command Line: Getting Started
Starting S-PLUS
Getting help in S-PLUS
Basic syntax
Assignments and legal names
Removing objects
Finding objects
Storing and overwriting objects
Recalling and editing past commands
Multiple commands on a single line
Quitting S-PLUS

Data Objects
Modes, attributes, and classes defined
The four basic data modes
Data Frames
Factors and ordered factors

Data Input and Output
Text files
Other formats
spreadsheets and databases

Functions and Operators
Calling an S-PLUS function
Object Orientation: classes and methods
Arithmetic operators
Logical operators
Vectorizing calculations
Writing functions

Object-Oriented Programming: A Case Study
The basic function
Enhancing the function
Constructing methods
Menus, toolbars, and dialogs
Writing help files
Distributing functions

Day Four

Operating systems
C and Fortran
Dynamic data exchange
OLE automation
OLE linking and embedding

Graphics devices
High-level graphics functions
Graphics parameters
Adding to plots
Trellis graphics

Statistical Methods
Organizing the data
Exploratory data analysis
Fitting a model
Producing diagnostic plots
Fitting alternative models
Comparing models
Using the model

Tips and Troubleshooting
Names, expressions, and frames
Vectorizing calculations
Programming style
Debugging your functions

* Topics in the course outline are subject to change.