Summary: [S] Turning AUDIT off

Lutz Prechelt (
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 16:41:22 +0100

Thanks to all who replied so quickly:

Brian Ripley, Dr. Heitjan, Ted Wright, U. Partzsch, and Todd Taylor
suggested to make the .Data/.Audit file unreadable (Unix: chmod)
Brian Ripley also mentioned a switch for the PC version
(V.3.3: splus.ini, V.4.0r3: command line switch).

Jeff Johnston suggested making .Data/.Audit a symbolic
link to the bit bucket:
ln -s /dev/null .Data/.Audit

Both Unix solutions are rather crude, though. I had really
expected there was a clean (i.e. inside S-Plus) way of turning
auditing off for one session only, without possibly influencing
others that may be starting at about the same time.
It seems this is a 4.0 luxury item...


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