[S] Error Bars in SPLUS

Falk Huettmann (k9wk@unb.ca)
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 22:47:08 +0000


I am looking for help and suggestions on such a simple thing like
error bars in SPLUS 4 (Win95). We tried with two people to solve
this, but without success. It then took me a while until I was able
again to write a civilized email message.
However, we did not find a useful hint how to set-up data for
automated error bar plots. An example what X columns, Y columns, Z
columns and W columns are, what their porpose is for creating
automated error bars and how they have to look like might already do
it for us. We simply were not able to interpretate the help + manual
text (e.g. no examples given).

Thanks in advance and best regards


Falk Huettmann
University of New Brunswick (UNB)
ACWERN / Fac.Forestry
PO Box 44555
Tel. (+1) (506) 452 6033
Fax (+1) (506) 453 3538
Email k9wk@unb.ca
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