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Debra Palka (dpalka@whsun1.wh.whoi.edu)
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 15:09:54 -0500 (EST)

The Protected Species Branch of the National Marine Fisheries Service at Woods
Hole, MA is looking for a person to assist in the estimation of marine mammal
by-catch in US North Atlantic fisheries. By-catch is estimated from
by-catch rates that are observed from a sample of the fishery and total
fishing effort that is recorded by the dealers and the fisherman.
These data are stored in three Oracle data bases: Sea Sampling, dealer
landings, and fishers' logbooks. The fisheries that are being sampled
include: New England sink gillnet, coastal mid-Atlantic gillnet, trawl
fisheries, and several other smaller fisheries.

This position will involve retrieving data from Oracle databases, then
analyzing the data using SAS, Splus or other statistical programs
that reside on Sun computers that use a Unix operating system or on DOS-based
PCss. Though some programs already exist in SAS, it will be essential that
the contractor be able to analyze the data using their own programs.

This will be a contract position that will last until 30Sep98 with the high
likelihood of extending the position for 1 year. The salary range is from
$31,897 to $38,593 per year (equivalent to a GS-9 to GS-11 level). The
person will work at the Woods Hole NMFS lab full time. Benefits include
health and life insurance, paid holidays and vacation.

If you know of someone that is qualified and interested in this position please
have them contact me via email (dpalka@whsun1.wh.whoi.edu).
I would be happy to describe the position in more detail and
answer any questions. I will be at sea from March 9-27, 1998. If a
potential candidate wants more information during this time,
please contact the head of the Protected Species Branch, Dr. Richard Merrick
at Richard.Merrick@noaa.gov.

The position is presently open and so the person can start at any time.

Please post this message and pass it to others who might know of a qualified

Thank you,

Dr. Debra Palka
National Marine Fisheries Service
166 Water St.
Woods Hole, MA 02543
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