[S] Splus to Latex [SUMMARY]

Eusebio (slist@westad.eis.uva.es)
Thu, 5 Mar 98 10:39:57 +0100

Thanks to all that answered my question about how to export S-Plus outputs
to LaTex format. I hope their answerers will help me at least to find the
appropiate documentation.
Paul Monaghan wrote:
There is documentation on the Splus to LaTeX library of programs
available at


titled 'Statistical Tables and Plots using S-Plus and LaTeX; FE Harrell
(26Jul95, PDF)'
Roger Koenker wrote:

My take on Splus tables and figures to latex is described in a short
paper which is available in postscript at

Frank E Harrell Jr wrote:

The print.display library Rich Heiberger and I wrote is helpful for
assembling reports in LaTeX in a kind of batch mode. Every
time you run a latex() command you can give it a file name to hold
the output. Then use \input commands in LaTeX. On the Virginia
biostatistics web page (below) under Statistical Computing Tools,
you'll see a 50-page report on using S-Plus and LaTeX to generate
statistical reports with graphics, with automatic table creation using
the summary.formula function in Hmisc and the print.display library.
This all works on PCs using PCTeX and other variants, but don't
know about Sci. Workplace. -Frank

And Peter Malewski, although he seemed very skeptic about his help: "I newer
user scientific workplace, have you got all latex possibilies there ?" wrote
the following message and send rhe mails as attachment. About his question I
have to say that Scientific WorkPlace 3.0 allows to open plain Latex files
(at least they say that)

The best way to use s-plus graphs in latex is via eps-format. The latex
html package, i heard, can also handle wmf - but latex is postscript

You can find answers to latex + s+ by search the s-plus index. You will
find it under s-news at statlib in the web.

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