[S] Re: Submissions to statlib

Mike Meyer (mikem@stat.cmu.edu)
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 10:31:00 -0500

The simple answer is that I'm delinquent. --Mike

>***> "Jeffrey J. Hallman" wrote (Thu, 05 Mar 1998 10:17:52 EST)
> Can anyone tell me what's up with Statlib? In early December I submitted a
> shar archive of S and FSF Emacs code that lets you use the Emacs menubar and
> popup menus from within inferior-S-mode. It has not yet appeared on the web
> page (which hasn't been updated since December 8) and I am unable to find it
> on the FTP site either. In response to an email inquiry in December, Mike
> Meyer told me that he updates Statlib about once a month, but he has not
> responded to a subsequent inquiry.
> Please do not misunderstand me! This is NOT an attack on Mike Meyer, who has
> done the entire S community an enormous service by creating and maintaining
> Statlib for all these years. I'm only trying to give back a little by
> submitting something other people may find useful.
> I've also sent my package to Anthony Rossini, who is working on including it
> in the upcoming ESS-5.0. My code works with FSF Emacs but not with XEmacs,
> and Tony wants to create something that will work with both.
> Jeff Hallman

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