[S] Must have S-Plus 4 add ons?

Marc R. Feldesman (feldesmanm@pdx.edu)
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 17:15:58 -0800

As most of you have gathered, I've spent the past 7 - 10 days familiarizing
myself with S-Plus 4.0, having come from a background in packages like
Systat, SPSS, SAS and some other less comprehensive packages.

With your help and patience with my endless questions, I've managed to gain
a modicum of comfort with the SPlus model, have located the key books to
supplement the manual, and am beginning to feel like an understanding is
within my grasp.

Now, for my question. I've installed the VR2 libraries, which provide some
extremely useful added (or replacement) functionality for SPlus. Are there
any other "general purpose" add-on packages that I should have at my
disposal. My question is deliberately vague at this point. I don't have
specific needs that are not currently filled by what I see in VR2 and SPlus
4, but you all have worked with S & SPlus for much longer than I have and
are more familiar with weaknesses that might be filled better by 3rd party
contributed software of which I may be unaware.

I can (and have) certainly go through the StatLib archives and see
submissions that "might" be helpful, but it is unclear to me which of these
supplement earlier versions of S and which may now be fully implemented in
the later versions.

My work is specifically multivariate analysis of morphometric data. In my
typical research, I use both linear and quadratic discriminant analysis,
principal component analysis, principal coordinates analysis, cluster
analysis (mostly hierarchical but occasionally k-means), multiple logistic
regression, multiple linear regression, and both Anova and Manova. I've
recently gotten interested in the various CART (as a generic term, not as a
specific term) algorithms, and my colleagues and I have begun to apply
bootstrapping and randomization testing to some of the sparse data sets
paleoanthropologists usually work wi

I am open to any suggestions that you may have for additions to my library
of SPlus routines.

I thank you for the time you take to reply to my messages.

Dr. Marc R. Feldesman
email: feldesmanm@pdx.edu
email: feldesman@ibm.net
pager: 503-870-2515
fax: 503-725-3905

"If ignorance is bliss then why aren't there more happy people?" Lawrence

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