Re: [S] What is Harmonic regression analysis

Bill Venables (
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 12:12:45 +1030

Albyn Jones writes:
> > SGVsbG8sDQpBbnkgb25lICBjYW4gZXhwbGFpbiB3aGF0IGlzIEhhcm1vbmljIHJlZ3Jlc3Npb24g
> > YW5hbHlzaXM/DQpIb3cgY2FuIEkgcGVyZm9ybSB0aGlzIHByb2NlZHVyZSB3aXRoIFMrPw0KVGhh
> > bmsgeW91Lg0KDQo=
> If you would like me to read it, please post plain text.
> I'm not yet Microsft disabled, thank goodness...

Absolutely, but the "yet" is sadly necessary; the juggernaut is
moving and staying clear of it is getting increasingly difficult.
Now I have some idea how the Romans must have felt with the
Visigoths at the gate. Sigh.


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