[S] More on the trellis question

Richard E Higgs Jr (HIGGS_RICHARD_E_JR@lilly.com)
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 07:59:05 -0500

Many thanks to all who have responded to my original post, I have found your
suggestions most helpful.

What I'm exactly interested in doing is creating a function called foo(inFile,
psFile) where inFile is a text data file I want to analyze/plot and psFile is
the name of the postscript file that foo() creates. I don't want foo() to
print the file, just create it. I have no problems using the postscript()
command with it's various arguments. However, when my output plot of interest
contains a hexagonal binning plot, much better graphics output is obtained by
using trellis.device().

I have noticed a problem extending the solutions to my post. Suppose instead
of trellis.device(postscript, file="myfile.ps") I want to use
trellis.device(postscript, file=psFile) where psFile is a valid character
string. Using the postscript() command passing the postscript file name in
this way works fine. However, trellis.device() returns the following error:

Error in trellis.device(postscript, file = psFile): Object "psFile" not found

Does trellis.device() require some type of object (other than a character
string) for the file parameter?

Am I missing something in my documentation here? I primarily use the on-line
documentation but find very little on trellis.device(). Do comments like
"additional arguments will be passed to the function device"
imply postscript() options?

Rick Higgs

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